The following 4 clarifying ingredients are known to help fight and prevent acne from forming. Become familiar with them and how they work!

1. Vitamin A 

Contains powerful skin clarifying benefits, and is used in popular Dermatologist prescribed acne treatments. Vitamin A replaces damaged skin, preventing clogged pores, giving you a healthy complexion.

2. Vitamin C

An essential and powerful ingredient that helps your body rid itself of acne. How? Simply put, it’s an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant that prevents your skin from developing acne. Not only that, it helps your skin release dirt, oil, and free radicals that commonly damage your skin and flair breakouts.

3. Pantothenic Acid

A powerful acne fighting vitamin that works by helping your body metabolize fats that later turn into sebum, which is the main cause of acne in our bodies. By reducing the oil production of the sebaceous glands, it keeps sebum levels in balance so your pores are clear, and acne free.

4. Witch Hazel Leaf

The extracts of witch hazel are used in common topical products, however when ingested, we see its power to clear skin from within. It’s a soothing anti-inflammatory that reduces the appearance of acne, leaving your skin clear. In addition, its antiseptic properties prevent & destroy acne causing bacteria.