Sometimes eating junk can feel liberating – going out for a burger, pizza or even a special dessert – and not even stressing about it. But we know we can’t do this every day, because our bodies need other nutrients to function and help us feel our best.

Most of us could use a little encouragement now and then for living a healthier, happier life. Living a healthy life and taking care of our bodies and souls will allow happiness to radiate through us. It’s amazing how closely the two are related!

1. Energize yourself in the morning.

Always start your day with a nice, filling breakfast. Even if you don’t have time to cook yourself an entire omelet, at least grab a cereal bar! This will help kick start your metabolism and will help you to not snack throughout the day or overeat at lunch.

You can also motivate yourself in the morning by listening to upbeat music, reading a motivational book, or scrolling through some of your favorite influencers on social media. Start the day with something positive and uplifting in the morning and it will help energize you to get through the day and try your hardest in whatever you do!

2. Care for yourself.

Many of us get caught up with school, work, kids, families, friends, and we rarely have time to focus on ourselves. Make sure you take a little time every day – even if it’s only 10 minutes – and dedicate it as quality “you” time.

Not only do we need to care for our physical self, we also need to make sure our emotional, spiritual, relational needs are met as well. Whether it’s doing yoga, taking a bubble bath, or grabbing coffee with a friend, make sure you are doing something to help you recharge throughout your day.

3. Take steps to fulfill your goals.

What are your dreams and ambitions? Are you taking steps every day to move closer to your goals? How can this be done daily?

Come up with a plan and make a list of things you can do daily and even weekly to help you achieve your goals. From losing weight to getting your dream job, there are things you can choose to work on every day to help you move one-step closer.

Take it a step further and tell a friend or family member your goals. This will help keep you accountable by giving someone who you trust that you can check in with periodically.

4. Let go.

Missed promotions. Layoff at work. Failed relationship. Gained weight. Whatever it is that’s weighing you down, let it go! You can’t change the past, but you can make changes in your future, and that’s what really matters.

We all make mistakes, but dwelling in our past holds us back from all the good things we could be experiencing in the present! Make a list of all the things holding you back, and burn it. Seriously – you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders and you won’t feel like you’re being held back from all of your potential.