The battle for clear skin is one most of the population fights for. At every age. When we’re young, we deal with trails of acne. As we’re aging we deal with the ever troublesome burden of wrinkles that seemingly appear more noticeable by the day. In both situations we often feel helpless. Like there's nothing we can do. In previous blog posts we’ve talked a lot about acne, so this one’s for our more distinguished followers. Those that have lived life, and it’s showing.

Some of you are in your thirties, and beginning to see the signs of aging. The fine lines around your eyes and mouth. A forehead wrinkle or two. As much as you’d like to deny it, you know they’re showing and it’s killing you.

Then there’s the older crew. You’ve seen the wrinkles for a while. The signs of aging that make it difficult to have a birthday without hearing the “you’re getting old” jokes. As much as you show a smile and laugh, it stabs you in the heart a little bit.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Believe it or not, you can have younger, more youthful looking skin by following these daily routines that help your skin look younger now, and stay youthful in the future.

We're going to cover the not so obvious daily habits. So we'll skip the usual "Limit your sun exposure" and "eat the right, healthy foods" and go straight to the daily habits you likely haven't thought of.

Many people believe that skin is inevitable. But with the resources available to us today, and small life changes like these listed below, you really can eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, attain a youthful glow, and keep it. All without making an expensive trip to the dermatologist.


Easier said than done right? Not quite. This is actually the easiest of the daily habits to implement. And likely the most fun for you. The perfect excuse to go shopping and step up your sunglass game. We highly recommend investing in a pair of good sunglasses. The kind that truly reduce glare. And wear them every time you step foot outside. Seriously, don’t go outside without sunglasses if it’s sunny. Winter or summer, wear them!

Same goes for reading glasses. Many of you are getting to the point where you need a helping hand reading. Embrace it. The more you squint to read, the more (and faster) fine lines will appear around your eyes. Think of it this way, repetitive facial movement overworks your facial muscles, forming a groove beneath the skin’s surface, which eventually becomes a wrinkle.


This goes hand-in-hand with what we’ve outlined above. Remember back in the day when you were told not to make that face because it’ll get stuck that way? Well that’s partially true! The more you move your face, the more the collagen in your skin is broken down. Which in turn leads to wrinkles. A movement that’s as simple as a smile or frown can break it down. Now, we’re not telling you to smile less, but make an effort to keep that frown off your face. Not only will it make you feel better, but it may save your skin from premature wrinkles and fine lines.


As the skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture. Which as you can guess is a wrinkle gathering ground. Dry skin looks older. So ensure you’re getting enough moisture! You’ll be glad you did now, and in the future. Skin that is moist looks better.


Sleep is an essential component of beauty. When you aren’t getting enough of it, your body produces more cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. So get adequate sleep, and your body will produce the hormone needed (HGH) to keep your skin more elastic, and less likely to wrinkle. Whoever says sleep is a waste of time is wrong.


Not only do you need more sleep, but it’s also important to sleep in a position that doesn’t wrinkle your face. Just as we mentioned above, face movements that wrinkle the skin actually cause wrinkles in the long-term. This also applies to you when you’re sleeping. Now, it’s a little more difficult to control, but try sleeping in a position that doesn’t wrinkle your face. We recommend sleeping on your back. Side sleeping increases wrinkles on your cheeks and chin.


While you want your skin to be clean, you don’t want to overwash. Doing so strips your face of its natural oils and moisture that protect it from wrinkles. So, wash, but don’t over wash. Keep it simple and clean.


Anti-aging serums have a bad wrap. Many people see them as being a ‘cover up’. Products that help for the immediate, but not long term. This is a myth. And we’re busting it. Creams and serums with a proven active ingredient, such as retinol, can and do eliminate wrinkles. And keeping them at bay helps in the long term. Think about it like this, the longer a wrinkle is on your face, the deeper and more visible it gets. But keeping them at bay slows the growing process. They don’t have time to get worse because you are using a product that eliminates their visibility. That’s the simple way of saying  it’s a near term and long term solution. One that works.

We use the power of these active ingredients in our Anti-Aging serums and supplements. Explore them here, and see for yourself!