We’ll get straight to the point. Your diet directly impacts the health of your skin. There are foods that give you balance, and others that bring imbalance. So it’s important to know which foods benefit you, and which are complexion killers.

The difficult thing is, this is different for everyone! Some foods will negatively affect you and positively affect others. Just as everyone has different allergens they react to, the same holds true for foods and how they impact your body. So it’ll take some testing to really see which of these foods cause your skin to flair up. You can do this by focusing on one of these foods each week. If you're consuming it regularly and you're not breaking out, then be happy and move on to the next! If one is causing blemishes to appear, then keep that sucker out of your regular diet routine. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever have it, just be sure you're eating it in moderation. Remember, you need this test to show true results. So only test one of these foods out at a time so you know exactly which ones are causing your skin to be a pimple gathering ground.

We tell you this only because life is meant to be enjoyed. So if one of these delicious foods isn’t causing you to break out, then by all means enjoy it! Eat it every day and rejoice, because it’s likely not the case for others.

While not all of these foods will flair a breakout, certain foods do indeed encourage blemishes to appear out of thin air. While there isn’t much scientific data to back it up, there is proof these foods seem to ignite blemishes:

Chocolate (Sugar To Be Exact)

This one is the kicker. We all love chocolate. It’s glorious! While no one can say with confidence Chocolate will make you break out, we do find that people who overindulge in sugary foods tend to have more acne breakouts compared with people who eat a diet high in other types of fresh foods. So if you’re a chocolate lover, stick to the dark chocolate and stay away from mass produced candy bars that are pumped with sugar.


Okay, so this one covers an array of foods. And it’s one we’ve personally experienced ourselves. Milk, cheese and pretty much anything dairy doesn’t do your complexion good. This is one there’s actually scientific proof to back it up. Simply put, they say it’s the hormones in the milk. So have almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk instead of cow’s milk. You’ll be surprised at how good these alternatives are!


Okay you energetic coffee drinkers. Did you think to link your annoying blemishes with your daily morning routine? Probably not! There’s a natural acid in coffee that raises our stress hormone, and we all know what stress does on our complexion. It doesn’t do it any good, that’s for sure! For many of you this will be a difficult one to break. But we recommend giving coffee a rest for at least 2 weeks to see how your complexion fairs.


We hate even listing this one, but we’re doing it for your own good. To get rid of acne you want to eliminate inflammation (acne is caused by it). And bread has a habit of causing inflammation. So the next time you pick up that bagel, have your morning toast or worst of all are trying to decide between the pasta or salad (our hearts just broke), go with the option that’s less likely to cause a flair up or make your acne worse. The option without the carbs.


This one’s not as bad as bread, but it still hurts! Some of our favorite snacks and treats have peanut butter. As you can guess, peanuts make you more oily. Which in turn causes more breakouts. You can guess why…

So all in all, these foods may or may not directly impact your acne, or cause breakouts in you. But it’s important to keep in mind they can, and if you’re wondering why your acne is worse at certain times, it may be because a food is triggering it. So play it safe and test these foods out. See which ones trigger a complexion issue for you, and eat it sparingly.  

So, what if you don’t want to change up your diet? You like what you eat and you’re sticking to it! That’s perfectly fine. And we have a solution for you!

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