Vitamin C is commonly known as a hero when it comes to flu season. Eat some fruits. Eat some vegetables. Take a few vitamin C tablets and wham bam you just gave your immune system a super boost so as to keep the flu at bay.

So why are we talking about vitamin C here in this context? The reason is that vitamin C can do for your skin what it does for your immune system: give it a boost. Worried about getting fine lines?  Concerned some wrinkles are starting to show? Perhaps you want to try and rid yourself of a few wrinkles you have now much the same way you want to get rid of that flu. Vitamin C provides the boost your skin needs to make that happen. Take a look.

First, vitamin C can help reduce those unwanted lines and wrinkles.  

Two proteins in the skin help it to look firm and smooth: collagen and elastin. Vitamin C aids the cell type that makes these proteins, the fibroblast cell, function properly so as to increase the amount in the skin, thus smoothing out wrinkles.

Second, vitamin C can help you have stronger skin.  

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. Its anti-oxidant properties help it fight against the free radical damage the skin experiences. Free radical damage breaks down cell structure so as to leave the skin weak.  Vitamin C helps rebuild this weakened skin, making it stronger and give it a healthy glow.

Third, vitamin C can reduce skin sensitivity and redness.  

Vitamin C can help repair damaged cells. This is a plus because damaged cells often lead to redness and inflammation. Vitamin C also helps strengthen capillary walls, which, if damaged, can also contribute to a reddish complexion.

Fourth, vitamin C increases the skin’s capacity to heal.

Since it enhances the skin’s cellular function, it can boost the healing process for lesions, spots, and sunburn. It even has the potential to help reduce acne scaring for much the same reason it can reduce lines and wrinkles.

Fifth, vitamin C helps hydrate your skin.  

It increases the skin’s production of lipids and hydration, which alleviates the problems caused by dry skin. This naturally leads to an improved tone and touch to one’s skin.

There you have it. Vitamin C has proven itself once again as the superhero of vitamins. Take advantage of its wrinkle disappearing, skin strengthening benefits by adding our Vitamin C Serum to your daily regimen. Because vitamin C isn’t just to strengthen your immune system; it is to strengthen your skin.