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Help! I'm detoxing...

February 08, 2017

Help! I'm detoxing...

If your acne appears to be getting worse, don’t worry! It’s likely that you are just detoxing and this is a normal process for many. We’re here to help every step of the way, and we want to help you get through this detox together.

What is detoxing?

Detoxing is your bodies response to your new acne treatment plan, and it happens because the product you are using forces toxins out of the skin, resulting in a few unsightly blemishes as your skin is flushed clean. Since acne forms below the skin’s surface, some people may see an initial flair of acne when starting a skin vitamin like TrueClear.

Similar to other popular prescription acne products, it’s possible to experience temporary breakouts as your skin accelerates the turnover of cells, making pimples come to the surface of your skin sooner. These pimples would eventually come to surface regardless, but the process is expedited by the vitamins, which help your skin to clear faster than usual.

Detoxing is actually a positive sign, because it tells us TrueClear is working! You’ll see clearer skin sooner than normal and after the first month, most of your breakouts will clear and subside.

I read that some people saw results in as little as 2 weeks with no detox. Why am I detoxing?

It’s important to remember that everyone responds to treatment differently, because everyone’s skin is unique! No two people will have the exact same results and experience.

In fact, the majority of our customers don’t experience clearer skin until well into weeks 4-6. So don’t be so hard on yourself! You may not see all of the great changes happening in your skin right now, but your skin is clearing itself of acne, and the longer you use TrueClear, the more visible results will be!

How long will a detox last?

Typically speaking, our customers who detox will experience it within the first month of taking TrueClear. A detox could last a couple days, or a couple of weeks – but don’t be discouraged – because once you get through it, you will experience less and less breakouts moving forward.

We have SO many customers who tell us they are so happy they stuck it out and continued their treatment. Their stories are so motivating!

When should I notice clearer skin?

The majority of our customers start noticing results after 4-6 weeks of consistently taking TrueClear at 3 capsules per day. However, the best results are usually seen around 8 weeks.

When taking vitamins, the progress might be slow, but it will be well worth it in the end since it’s attacking the root of the problem.

It’s similar to taking a hair vitamin, just as it takes time for your hair to respond to the added nutrients and grow, it also takes time for your skin to respond to vitamins and help build up it’s defense against acne.

How can I lessen the detox effect?

If you’re detoxing and you want to lessen the effect, drop down to 2 capsules per day instead of 3. This will help slow the detox effect and will make it easier to get through.

Also, are you taking the 3 TrueClear capsules together? If so, try splitting them up throughout the day, taking one in the morning, one at night, and one in the afternoon. Doing so will allow your body to absorb the vitamins more easily!

We also recommend drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. Since TrueClear treats acne from within, drinking lots of water will help flush out any impurities and help our vitamins to do their job better. These are just a few suggestions that can help boost the effectiveness of TrueClear.

We hope you give TrueClear at least a month or two, we’re confident it’ll work for you! :)

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4 Responses

Navan Customer Care
Navan Customer Care

February 28, 2017

Hello Zlata -

I would drop your dosage to 1 or 2 capsules per day since you don’t suffer from severe acne. This should help lighten your detox. :)

With continued use, you should notice clearer skin after taking the product for about 8 weeks.

Hope this helps!

Zlata Connolly
Zlata Connolly

February 28, 2017

I started taking your product to clear my skin a week ago.I started breaking out over the weekend.I read this is a normal process but I am wondering if I should stop if these acne get out of control?
I don’t struggle with acne but decided to start taking these vitamins to clear our My back and chest because I get cyst acne sometimes.
I used to struggle with acne and got rid of them because I was on antibiotics for long time.I am tired of getting one or two acne that is why I deceived to try your product.
I hope this help me!

Navan Customer Care
Navan Customer Care

February 20, 2017

Hello Melissa – Thank you for reaching out to us! TrueClear does help with hormonal and cystic acne. And we have a lot of adult customers just like you who are still suffering from breakouts and acne. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, so you can try our product risk free! Please keep us updated on your results if you end up giving it a shot. We’ll be happy to hear from you again! :)


February 19, 2017

Will the pulls help with hormonal cyst acne. I’m 52 always had clear skin but now going through menapause with cyst acne along my cheekline area on face. It’s been 8 months with continuous flair ups .

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