Are you captivated by women with clear complexions and great skin? They're the type of people you religiously follow on social media and their flawless face is something you constantly aspire for. Though we all have different skin types, it doesn’t mean you can’t have what they have. Instead of continuously comparing your skin to theirs, why don’t you ask them how they do it? Chances are, they aren’t born with it. They likely just take care of it better and have developed habits to keep it as perfect as it is. If you’re too shy to reach out to your favorite Insta-celebrity for tips, don’t worry!

We have prepared 8 skin care tips that are musts for women with a perfect complexion. Plus, they're simple to implement into your daily routine and in time, they'll become habits that you don't even think about. Just think - soon you will be the one with the beautiful skin that other women envy!

1. They have a skin-friendly diet.

The most basic thing you can do before even before putting on products and sticking with a skin care regimen is take care of your skin from the inside. This begins with watching what you eat. Your skin is an organ and it benefits from the nutrients it feeds on from your blood stream. These nutrients are taken in by our bodies through the food we eat which is why girls with perfect skin try to have foods high in vitamins which are good for the skin. A few vitamins that are essential to clear, smooth skin are Vitamin A (found in sweet potatoes and leafy vegetables), Biotin (found in egg yolks and peanuts) and Vitamin C (found in oranges and lemons).

2. They take vitamins.

Sometimes, because of your work schedule or just life, it is difficult to actively seek out these foods and incorporate them into your diet. To make things easier on your busy lifestyle it is best to help all your efforts by regularly taking vitamin supplements. Since your goal is to improve your skin, it's important not to buy just any old over-the-counter vitamin supplement or multivitamins. It’s best to look specifically for skin vitamins such as TrueClear Clarifying Vitamins that are formulated so you are able to get the recommended amount of the certain vitamins you need for it to have an effect.

3. They know their skin and its needs.

Everyone has different skin so just because certain products work for one person does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Know the type of skin you have to help you identify what problems you need to address. You might be someone with excessively oily skin, someone that fights constantly dry skin or a mix of the two.

4. They go for regular skin care treatments.

This is an obvious one but what we want to point out is that you don't have to go to an expensive spa or a beauty salon to get the same benefits. You can make scrubs, face masks and many other treatments on your own. You can even do so with the use of items you probably already have at home such as honey, sugar, cucumber and avocados. Just go online and do a quick search on DIY beauty products and look for a recipe which seems appropriate for you.

5. They keep their skin moisturized.

Let's face it. You can't apply makeup to dry skin and expect it to cover your imperfections properly. Girls with perfect skin never forget to moisturize, and we mean NEVER. It’s one of the easiest steps in the skin care regime and it will leave a big impact on your complexion. In addition to regular application of moisturizers, keeping your skin moisturized also relies on your ability to regularly drink water. It’s a tip which will never get old because of all its health benefits and this includes having perfect skin. Just 8 glasses a day can works wonders, especially if dry skin is one of your main concerns.

6. They keep away from anything that will harm their skin.

Women with flawless skin keep their skin away from anything that can damage it. The number one rule we heard as teenagers was not to touch our faces. This still applies! No matter how many times you wash your hands they are still full of germs that can potentially transfer to your face, clogging your pores and leading to acne. Like your hands, your phone is full of germs as well, and every time it touches your face your that much more likely to have a breakout. Keep your phone clean by wiping it down in between calls.

7. They wash their face at the right times.

Washing your face is pretty basic but are you washing it the right amount of times? If you wash it three times a day every day, that might be too much! Even washing it twice a day may be harmful to certain skin types. As a general rule, you should ALWAYS wash your face before going to sleep making sure to get rid of any dirt and makeup. Don't ever sleep in your makeup, even if it does make getting ready the next morning a breeze! ;)

8. They protect their skin from damage.

Another seemingly basic step that often gets overlooked, but applying protection against the sun's UV rays is imperative. UVA and UVB rays are very harmful and can damage your skin, even in the winter! It is also a good idea to use a face product specially formulated for your delicate facial skin since they are made to not block your pores.

Looking for the most convenient option? Our TrueClear Skin Clarifying Vitamins will help clear your skin, and keep it looking beautiful.