Most of us will get acne at some point in our life and we all hate it just the same. It’s irritating. It’s annoying. It ruins our entire look. Sometimes, it's painful and other times it can be itchy and dry. Treating and getting rid of acne through topical products doesn't always control it. Getting rid of it also involves stopping certain habits you may have which contribute to it. In this article, we want to point out 8 things you may be doing which affect the appearance of acne on your skin.

1. Stop pointing fingers.

Don’t blame yourself. Acne is simply a combination of factors which are naturally occurring in our bodies. We won’t go too in-depth on how acne is produced but to give you an idea, two main factors which contribute to acne production include: dead skin cells which our body naturally sheds off for new skin and sebum which is a naturally produced oil in our pores to keep our skin from drying out. Having acne is not solely the fault of anyone, but you may be doing things that contribute to it. Look at it this way, you might be able to stop certain habits that will help you steer clear of acne, or at least lessen the chance of a breakout. Understanding this and how acne develops helps you to better address the concern at hand. 

 2. Stop touching your face.  

One of the most basic tips you've probably heard a dozen times is to stop touching your face. And do you know why it keeps getting repeated? BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! Your hands may contain dirt or and germs which will likely be transferred to your face and eventually block your pores leading to the formation of what we hate most, pimples. This tip is actually more difficult than it sounds especially when you have already developed the habit of putting your face in your hand. Try to be more conscious of this and it will help your skin, we promise!  

3. Stop skipping the face wash.   

In terms of beauty regimens and products, face wash is the most basic yet most important one of all. If you do not have time to put on every beauty product under the sun that you own – fine! It's okay to skip them just as long as you don’t skip washing your face once a day. This ensures that your face is clear from any particles like dead skin cells which may settle into your pores and potentially clog them.  

4. Stop eating food that cause breakouts.

Some foods cause breakouts for some people, not all. A popular example of foods which cause breakout for some are chocolate and nuts. If you find yourself having breakouts after enjoying these foods, you might want to consider avoiding them. It may be quite difficult to quit indulging in your favorite snack, but it’s either that or having to deal with acne. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons yourself to see if it's worth it for you!

5. Stop popping your pimples.

Yes, in the age of technology we are used to getting a quick fix to everything, but for most problems, a quick fix isn’t necessarily the best fix. Beware: popping pimples may worsen your acne, which is the opposite effect you are seeking! The bacteria will be able more likely to spread deeper in your skin and can cause further redness and inflammation. On worse occurrences, it may lead to acne scarring, and that's a whole other problem you don't want to deal with!

6. Stop over-cleaning.  

We mentioned earlier you should regularly wash your face once a day. Do not wash more than that. Washing too much can cause your skin to dry out which may lead to further damage. Over-cleaning can also mean rubbing your face too hard while washing it which can also cause damage or irritate blemishes and it should be avoided at all costs. This also means staying away from very harsh products which may cause redness and aggravate your delicate facial skin.

7. Stop doing the same old thing.

When you have severe acne, and you still continuously use a regular face wash for it, you shouldn't be surprised when it isn't working. Acne has different levels and each level should be treated differently, so if something you’re doing isn’t working, try something else! Since everyone's skin is so different, everyone responds differently to treatment. If what your best friend swears by isn't cutting it for you, time to jump ship and find a product that works for you!

8. Stop self-diagnosing.

Finally, when you’re not sure what product to use or what treatment to try, ask a specialist. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on something that doesn't work, isn’t helpful or will make your situation worse. Consult a specialist to figure out your skin type, what the specific problems are and how to best address them.

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