We envy girls with perfect skin, follow them on social media, read about them online and constantly wonder why they look so darn good. Are they blessed with better than average genetics? Maybe. Do they follow a lengthy skin care regime on the daily? Most likely. And better yet, what can you do to get the same results? We've compiled 4 steps to take daily to gain the skin of your dreams – plus they won't break the bank and they are fairly simple – which is the best part!

1. Lessen the stress.

Have you noticed how your acne tends to occur more when you have something big in your life happening? That’s because the stress from these types of situations contribute to the production of acne. A main factor in the production of acne is the sebaceous gland which is found in our skin. This gland is what produces the sebum or the oil which can lead to blocked pores and ultimately the creation of blemishes. Being under stress releases cortisol which is known as the stress hormone. This hormone causes the sebaceous glands in our body to work in overtime and produce more sebum which can worsen the development of acne.

If your work life is getting to be too much, take a breather and go on a break. Go for a walk or make some time for meditation during your day. Meditation is a two-for-one because it also helps you get the focus you need to be more productive and even handle stress better. It not only helps with acne, it also helps your general mood and outlook for the day! There are actually apps you can download to help you carve out just 10 minutes from your busy day to help you take a break and relax. 

2. Get more sleep.

Your sleeping habits also play an important role in keeping acne at bay because of its ability to help you manage stress. Your likely aware that having less sleep can shorten your fuse and can increase your tendency to get frustrated making even the smallest of things unnecessarily stressful. Getting more sleep reduces stress and increases your ability to handle stress, which can therefore help you deal with acne.

Even while you’re sleeping your skin is still working hard in keeping acne at bay and giving you the complexion and vibrancy you want. The concept of getting your "beauty sleep" is real! When you're sleeping the body produces more collagen, which is a protein that helps keep our pores tight to aid in keeping away dirt that could clog it. This is also why getting enough sleep can help prevent wrinkles and premature skin aging. Sleeping also gives the body, and our skin specifically, the chance to rehydrate and recover moisture. This is why being sleep-deprived causes puffy bags around your eyes and dryer skin.

3. Eat for your skin.

Though seemingly indirect, your diet has a major impact on your skin health and the occurrence of acne on your face. In fact, eating for skin health is probably the most basic and most important thing you can do. First of all, there are certain food items that can cause breakouts for some people. These triggers include cheeses, nuts and unfortunately for some, chocolate. If you find that you become more prone to acne after eating certain foods, you may want to consider taking it out of your diet.

The right kinds of food can also help us to fight acne by providing our skin the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. Certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin C, contribute to skin health and have properties which help fight acne by attacking the different factors which affect the production pimples. Consuming food with vitamins which are good for your skin helps keep acne away by solving the problem from its root causes. To ensure that you get the sufficient amount of these vitamins to have an effect, it's highly recommended to take in these vitamins in supplement forms, like acne vitamins.

4. Don't skip meals.

Time is a constant resource that we have no control over. We do, however, control how we manage our time. Whether it’s deciding between an extra 30 minutes of sleep over breakfast or choosing to stay at your desk during lunch time, skipping meals is something busy people often do without thinking about its consequences. Yes, we all want to be as productive as we can but food provides fuel for our minds as well as our bodies, helping us to function more efficiently. This means that skipping meals can actually be counterproductive and should be avoided. Skipping meals in favor of working more can add to your stress levels which we know is a factor in acne production. It deprives you of nutrients your skin needs in order to stay healthy and control acne.

If you really are not able to leave your desk, try to plan ahead. Having food delivered is an easy option. But our personal favorite is to pack meals from home. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can just be leftovers from last night’s dinner or a simple sandwich. If other co-workers are going out to buy food, you could always ask them to grab you some take out as well.