12 Sneaky Ways Stress
Causes Breakouts

If The Stress Of 2021 Is Showing On Your Face As Terrible Breakouts, This Is For You:

February 2021, Mark Roth

As if dealing with the ongoing stress of 2021 isn’t bad enough…

… There’s now an epidemic of breakouts facing many of us daily, in the mirror.

Many blame wearing masks all day long, referring to the breakouts on their cheeks and chin as “Mask Acne” or “Maskne.”

But is there more to it?

Here’s a look at the 12 sneaky ways stress could be causing your breakouts.

Plus, a look at how some sufferers have been fighting back, and seeing a noticeable difference in their skin!



How Stress Can Make
It Even Worse:

Scientists have made a SURPRISING discovery about a bacteria on your skin they used to think was pretty harmless!

There’s plenty of this bacteria living in the pores of your face.

(It’s called “Propinonibacterium acnes.”)

And they used to think it was NO BIG DEAL.

However, scientists recently discovered that when this bacteria is STARVED of oxygen like when you’re wearing a MASK...

... It becomes quite the EVIL VILLIAN!

Triggering skin inflammation and BREAKOUTS!

It does this by turning the natural oils in your skin (your sebum) into fatty acids that INFLAME the nearby skin cells while, at the same time, deactivating the enzymes that normally PREVENT this inflammation.

Of course, that’s just the beginning:

Every time you BREATH OUT, you’re exhaling out MOISTURE and BACTERIA that becomes trapped against your face by your mask

... Along with sweat, oil, and dirt!

And every time we adjust our masks, we touch our faces.

Making the problem EVEN WORSE!

Suddenly we’re dealing with EVEN MORE breakouts, pressure sores, infected hair follicles, and more.

And Yikes... Stress Isn't
Helping, Either!

Then, there's the stress associated with lockdowns and social restrictions!

Emotional stress… financial stress… social stress … job stress… all makes you BREAKOUT, too!

When you’re feeling stressed, your body releases cortisol:

The STRESS HORMONE that prepares your body for “fight-or-flight.”

And while a little cortisol is okay because it helps us feel alert...

… When your body is flooded with cortisol, due to ONGOING stress that lasts for weeks, months, or even a year (2020, anyone?), bad things start to happen to our skin:

1) Your skin produces too much oil… clogging your pores!

When stress opens the cortisol floodgates, your skin's sebaceous glands switch into overdrive... so they produce MORE OIL than you need!

Pores get clogged...

... And your skin breaks out!

2) Your skin becomes INFLAMED!

Even worse, all this excess cortisol causes your skin to become deeply inflamed, too!

Causing the DEEPER, MORE PAINFUL breakouts with swelling and redness that's difficult to cover up!

3) Your immune system becomes DEPRESSED!

Cortisol prepares your body for immediate danger.

So to save energy it DEPRESSES your immune system, reproductive system, and growth processes...


This means it takes your skin longer to HEAL from breakouts.

4) You touch your face more often.

Without thinking about it, when we’re feeling anxious or stressed, we touch our face more often.

And of course, all this extra dirt and bacteria on our skin makes our breakouts EVEN WORSE!

5) Your skin starts letting BAD STUFF like toxins into your body!

Our skin-barrier is supposed to PROTECT US:

It helps prevent water loss from the body.

And it's supposed to keep foreign dangers OUT.

But when we experience a lot of ongoing stress, our skin-barrier stops working as well.

Leaving our skin VULNERABLE to free radicals, bacteria, microbes, allergens, toxic chemicals, and much more.

6) You neglect your skin more often.

When we’re feeling stressed or depressed, we may not feel as motivated to maintain our healthy skin care routines:

We don’t wash enough.

We sleep with makeup on.

We don’t drink enough water.

Making it even more difficult to break the "bad skin" cycle.

7) You wear MORE makeup to hide your breakouts.

If we’re trying to hide our breakouts, we might be wearing too much makeup under our masks...

... Making it EVEN MORE DIFFICULT for our skin to breath!

And allowing harmful bacteria to cause EVEN MORE breakouts.

8) You eat more "comfort foods."

Stress causes many of us to eat comfort foods. Instead of making healthier choices, we find ourselves eating foods that are high in sugar, fats, and carbohydrates.

Especially if stress is affecting our sleep cycle…

And all of these changes increase the cycle of inflammation in your body, again make breakouts worse, reducing your skin barrier function, and slowing wound healing.

9) You don't sleep enough.

Stress affects our ability to get enough sleep…

And a good night’s sleep is directly linked to our cortisol levels.

When we’re not sleeping enough, our cortisol levels go UP!

Further compounding all the health issues we’ve already talked about ... making your breakouts EVEN WORSE!

10) Your mental health SUFFERS!

Stress has been directly linked to breakouts…

... And bad skin has been directly linked to a HIGHER RISK of experiencing anxiety and depression.

It becomes a vicious cycle that can feel difficult to escape.

So What's The Solution?

How DO YOU escape this cycle of breakouts… when the lockdowns and restrictions are months from over?

The stress isn’t going away, anytime soon…

And neither are the masks.

So what can you do?

Combat Your Breakouts Where They Start:

... From The INSIDE OUT!

While the skin care industry would have you believe that breakouts can be solved with expensive creams and washes…

… The truth is, clear skin starts inside your body!

Stress, anxiety, and diet all create imbalances in your body that trigger breakouts to begin forming deep within the skin, pushing to the surface.

So by the time it forms and reaches the top layer of your skin, it’s TOO LATE to stop it.

All you can is HEAL the surface.

If you want to break the cycle, you need to start the battle within, and fight it from the INSIDE OUT!

Some Are Enjoying Clearer Skin With This:

(But There's A Catch...)

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But remember: if you’re still fighting your breakouts from the SURFACE of your skin with expensive washes and creams…

… You’re going to lose.

Because more beautiful, clearer skin starts on the INSIDE.

By resolving the internal imbalances in your body that can cause your acne to form within the deepest layers of your skin and push to the surface.

It’s what’s inside that counts... start THERE!

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