With the holiday season fast approaching, there are many family get togethers, company parties, and events galore. You want to put your best face forward rolling into such a busy month like this.

You don’t want to deal with dry skin, chapped lips, or a face full of acne. Especially since you’ll probably be wearing more makeup than usual. You want your makeup to go on smoothly and last all night long.

Here are the most sought after 2016 skin care goals, and how to achieve them so you can look your absolute best and feel beautiful throughout the holiday season. Make your friends envious of your flawless skin and start the new year off right with one less thing to add to your resolutions list!

Skin #Goal 1: Complexion Perfection

2016 has been the year of contoured cheekbones, highlighting, strobing and having the most flawless skin possible, accentuating each feature to the max.

And since the winters are famous for making our skin drier than normal, it’s often flaky and very uneven this time of year. Because of this, makeup goes on unevenly, which ends up just drawing more attention to our less than desirable complexion.

To beat this issue and obtain smoother skin, you’re going to need to exfoliate twice a week leading up to your big event. Find an exfoliator that isn’t too rough and doesn’t deplete your skin of its moisture, but at the same time is abrasive enough to strip away any dead skin cells.

Personally, my favorite exfoliator contains Aloe Vera which leaves my skin moisturized after exfoliating it, which I feel is a rare quality in a scrub.

Skin #Goal 2: Dewy Glow

A lot of the skin care trends this year have pointed towards a dewy, healthy looking glow. I think we gravitate towards this beauty goal because we associate dewy with youth, and for good reason.

As you age, your skin often becomes more dry, exploiting more fine lines and extenuating more wrinkles. That’s why a lot of anti-aging creams are packed with moisturize dense ingredients, that fill your face up with hydration.

Younthful skin is more plump looking, and that’s what we strive for. Skin that looks like it is full and healthy. We go to great lengths to achieve this, everything from using a damp Beauty Blender with our favorite liquid foundation to spritzing our skin with sprays that promise a dewy finish.

To achieve this and cross it off your skin goals list, drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid foods and drinks that dehydrate your body (ahem, alcohol.) You’ll also want to apply a quality moisturizer loaded with vitamins and antioxidants twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Skin #Goal 3: Clear Canvas

Everything is better when we have a clean, clear canvas to start with. We can wear less makeup, the makeup we do wear goes on more smoothly, we don’t have to be self-conscious in pictures or at gatherings – the list really goes on and on.

Acne is never in season, and it is one of the most highly complained about skin care issues. Whether you have acne ranging from an occasional pimple to severe cystic acne, it’s not a look you want to sport during the busy holiday season.

Starting several days before your event, or weeks if you have it, make sure you’re following a skin care routine religiously to make sure that you don’t aggravate your skin right before an important gathering.

Washing your face is probably the single best thing you can do to keep your skin clean. Even if you’re not an avid makeup wearer, your pores can still be clogged by the sebum (oil) that your skin produces throughout the day naturally. Coming up on a big event, make sure you don’t skip out on this very important step!

You’ll also want to make sure your eating as healthy as possible, moisturizing daily, and washing your pillow case periodically. With these simple skin care tips, you’ll be looking beautiful by New Years, and your confidence will be on a whole other level heading into 2017!